Spiritual/Self-Help Experts and Authors:

I've been interviewed countless times by the media, from Larry King to city reporters, but my favorite is Tammy Mastroberte. She is knowledgeable about the topics she covers, and always asks the most direct, important questions so she can get her readers the best advice and information possible. I love her magazine. Elevated Existence is packed with tools people can use to improve their lives on every level, and it's guaranteed to raise their vibration from the very first page. Turn off the mainstream news, and read through the pages of Elevated Existence. I do.

—Dr. Joe Vitale, seen in The Secret, author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits

Elevated Existence is a wonderful magazine, and Tammy is a wonderful interviewer.

—Dr. Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom

Beautifully produced, excellent content, I love this magazine!

—Colette Baron-Reid, author of  Remembering the Future, and Messages from Spirit

Tammy Mastroberte blesses this planet by spreading light and healing to others through every page of Elevated Existence Magazine. Tammy is Founder and Editor of this outstanding resource, so filled with wisdom and grace that it ignites each reader's lust for learning, growth and expansion.

—Laurie Ann Levin, Psy.D., author of God The Universe and Where I Fit In, and CEO & Founder of Moonview Sanctuary, Santa Monica, CA

As a channeler of energy into sound, as well as a writer-director in film and television, finding quality publications that have something to say about things that matter to me — in this case, the subject of spirituality and self-improvement — is essential. Which is why I was delighted to discover Elevated Existence Magazine, an online publication filled with interviews with some of the most enlightened visionaries of our time, along with uplifting ideas and insights that will delight and lift your soul. Tammy Mastroberte not only infuses the magazine with elegance and professionalism (it's the best looking online magazine on spirituality out there), she also injects her heart and soul into every issue, and the reader can feel it resonating on every page. I look forward to Elevated Existence every issue, and know that Source energy will continue to guide and nurture such an inspirational magazine.

—Stewart St. John, composer, writer, director, Stewart St. John Light Publications

Elevated Existence Subscribers:

I love your magazine! It is so beautiful, so perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting it out there for people to enjoy. —Leslie

There is so much need for more light in the world, and I can see that your magazine will uplift and enlighten the lives of many. —Chandra

Elevated Existence is a magnificent magazine that speaks to the soul. My compliments on the striking originality and divine essence of it. —Michael

I've often felt a publication like yours would be in my future. It is an excellent (and much needed) publication, and I am so very happy to have found it! I'm sending the link to your site to all of my spiritual friends. —Jen

The magazine is wonderful! I was blown away by the layout, pictures and content. —Josephine

It's nice to know there are magazines out there that are out to help people on a deeper level. —Camille

I love your magazine and all it represents! Keep up the great work and know you are very appreciated. —Patti