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Elevated Existence Wins 2009 Bronze Folio: Magazine Award

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Russell Simmons Talks Spirituality and Business in Elevated Existence Magazine

Spirituality and Addiction Recovery – Whether its eating disorders, prescription pills or alcohol – why do some celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore and Russell Simmons survive the limelight while others succumb to their fame? Belief in a higher power – for both celebrities and the average Joe – has been proven to make a difference. Mastroberte recently won a 2009 Bronze Folio: Magazine award for an article she wrote on the role of spirituality in addiction recovery, and can share statistics and information on this topic.

Spirituality vs. Religion – Why are so many turning to spirituality and non-secular belief systems rather than organized religion? What is the difference between the two, and how is it playing a role in our society today? Mastroberte can share her personal experience, which led her to create the magazine, and what her readers and other experts in the spiritual and self-improvement market are revealing.

How to Turn Negative Situations Into Positives – From the loss of a job to the loss of a loved one, Mastroberte can explain how every situation has lessons hidden within them, and can be turned positive to reveal the gifts each brings.

The Benefits of Meditation – From decreased blood pressure and stress levels to increased awareness and serenity, there are numerous studies proving the benefits of meditation. So where should someone start, and what can they expect? Mastroberte can provide statistics and more on the topic.

Living an 'Elevated Life' – Life should not be about surviving – it should be about thriving. No matter what circumstances come our way, Mastroberte believes we can all live an 'elevated life,' whether its career, relationships or money. Let her tell you how.